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About Us

About Us

About Us

Unforgettable Honeymoons®:
Why we are the top Honeymoon Destination Experts in our field since 1994

We are the antidote to large impersonal online booking engines that force consumers to be their own travel agent. Our personalized planning service coupled with our customized unique itineraries, and expert guidance is what sets us apart. We care about where you spend your honeymoon, and our goal is for your honeymoon to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our honeymoon travel experts have planned over 10,000 honeymoons since we opened in 1994, and we have personally scoured the globe for the best places for romantic travel. We were the first nationally recognized honeymoon niche agency to appear online in 1998.

Our advice has been garnered by the national media since then and articles appearing in the following magazines and shows:

Wheel of Fortune, Steve Harvey TV, the Doctors, Dr Phil, Newsweek Magazine, USA Today, CNNMoney, LATimes, Islands Magazine, Brides Magazine, NY Daily News, LA Brides, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine

Unforgettable Honeymoons has been in business since 1994. We now own our own building, a beautifully restored 1900 Victorian House eleven blocks from the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. If you are in Portland please call us so we can arrange a visit to our location

  • Personalized Honeymoon Planning
  • You'll work with a well traveled, experienced honeymoon consultant- Not a computer program that offers only a price and charges your credit card. We will be there for you from day one and throughout your trip
  • Unforgettable Honeymoons does not force you to be your own travel agent like online booking sites do
  • We offer couples a level of expertise and guidance that is far above and beyond the normal travel service. We work on a personal level with each client taking the time to find out their needs , preferences and dreams then carefully selecting the resorts and destinations that are the best matches
  • We've actually been there: No brochure reading at Unforgettable Honeymoons
  • Your mind will be at ease when you speak to one of our personal honeymoon planners that has experienced first hand the resort you might be choosing for your dream honeymoon. Our agents share their personal stories and images so that you can see and hear what each resort and destination is really about instead of trusting a web site or air-brushed brochure. We care about your honeymoon and want it to exceed your expectations. Our goal is for our clients honeymoon or trip to exceed their expectations.
  • "The Honeymoon DVD®"
  • view actual footage of over 32 of the hottest resorts, hideaways and all inclusives for your honeymoon or destination wedding. This is one of the greatest honeymoon planning tools available on the market today. Unforgettable Honeymoons has produced this amazing Honeymoon and Destination wedding DVD to better inform couples around the world of the best places to travel for romance, beauty, privacy and value. Our dvd is a "one of a kind" honeymoon planning tool , a must see for any couple who wants to create a lifetime of lasting memories.
  • Our recommend resorts have been tried, tested and true
  • You many notice that we have a more limited number of resorts in each location than other travel web sites. There is a very good reason for this: we don't feel that all of the resorts in the major destinations always deliver the best possible experience, therefore we have weeded through and only suggest the resorts, hideaways and private islands that consistently without fail meet and exceed our clients expectations. All of the resorts and destinations on our web site are carefully selected, they are not a random choice of resorts. We continue to survey our clients after their honeymoon so that we know that these locations and resorts continue to deliver the experience that meets or exceeds our customers expectations. This is just another reason why the experts at Unforgettable Honeymoons are continually being interviewed and featured by the writers of national magazines such as Islands, Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.
Company Stability Established in 1994 Unforgettable Honeymoons is a full service travel agency We are a worldwide company. We are "Iatan" endorsed (the only reputable national Travel Agency registration/licensing organization)

WE GIVE BACK THE COMMUNITY we give yearly to many great organizations.

Our 2016 donations include

Maurice Lucas Foundation
Transitional Youth

Our 2015 donations include

in 2014 our total donations

Oregon Humane Society Beagle Freedom project Guide dogs for the blind

Dove Lewis Animal Emergency Hospital Salud- farm workers health care

Other organizations that we have supported in the past few years:

Habitat for Humanity, Susan Komen, Transitional Youth, Teen Challenge.

Doernbecker Childrens Hospital Portland's children's hospital creates a loving caring environment for children that are terminally ill. Recently a doctor at OHSU/ Doernbecker invented the drug "Gleevac" which is a miracle drug that keeps patients with certain types of Leukemia alive and well. We support this great cause http://www.ohsu.edu/health/clinics-and-services/doernbecher/

American Lung Association: yearly we have supported this great organization that fights lung cancer http://www.lungusa.org/

Northwest( International) Medical Teams : (now International Medical Teams) an amazing organization started here in Portland Oregon, going around the world to help those in need www.nwmedicalteams.org

Holt International www.holtintl.org adoption agency

Unforgettable Honeymoons - We are recommended in these books:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding (3rd Edition) The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding (3rd Edition)
by Teddy Lenderman

Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being a Groom, 2E (Pocket Idiot's Guide) Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being a Groom, 2E (Pocket Idiot's Guide)
by Jennifer Lata Rung, Mark Rung

Unforgettable Honeymoons- The Nations Leading Honeymoon Experts

President & Founder: Renee Meyer contact: (503) 249-8444 info@unforgettablehoneymoons.com

The Unforgettable Honeymoons Difference

Plan your honeymoon with the experts who have been serving couples since 1994

  • Personal over the phone honeymoon planning no fee upfront to plan with an expert who has personally traveled to the locations on our web site! ( most online booking engines don't offer personal assistance) please be patient we only can work with a limited number of couples at one time!
  • Same Agent Every Time- you don?t have to worry about calling and beginning all over again with someone that does not know you!
  • Competitive pricing, payment plans, smaller down payments to book ( most online booking engines require FULL payment at time of booking)
  • Honeymoon Registry- your guests can pay for your honeymoon
  • Work with same agent throughout the honeymoon planning process ( most companies you talk to someone different every time you call and have to start over again and again)
  • Exclusive Offers that you cannot get anywhere else (special extras for some properties you won't get anywhere else!)
  • 24/7 emergency after hour service ( if something is not right, or you miss a flight, you can call or email us, and you are NOT calling India! You will speak to someone who is familiar with your trip)
  • VIP relationships: our 16 year relationships with most resorts and hotels are of great benefit to you, they value our support, and you are a valued guest upon arrival. ( and you'll have a better chance of upgrades and VIP exclusive added values)

How We Work + Our Honeymoon Planning Tips

we are not an "online booking" site- each inquiry is handled by an expert agent.

  • We can assist you by email, but often we work quickest and best by phone, where we can personally connect with you, listen to your needs and desires and then suggest the best options! We are a small office, a boutique agency that has been in business since 1994
  • Once we obtain more information from you, we can help pin point the best options, and then provide prices and itineraries.
  • We can begin the process via email, however, we do not book anything online, and will require that you call us, or we can call you.
  • We guarantee to save you money - and can usually match most advertised rates out there as long as they are apples to apples!
  • Payment Plans, Military discounts, and Honeymoon registry are all available.
  • We are open 10-6pm Monday through Friday and we are on the west coast- Pacific time. We do monitor emails and calls over the weekend for urgent matters!
  • We are retail agency, located in Oregon, we an Oregon Corporation- Unforgettable INC. and have a physical office inside a renovated Victorian House eleven blocks from the Willamette River, in SE Portland. We are Iatan endorsed www.iatan.org and A+ with BBB.

Unforgettable Honeymoons- 2128 SE 11th avenue, Portland Oregon 97214


Our Guide to Planning, Finding & Booking your Dream Honeymoon

Need to plan your dream honeymoon but not sure where to start? (or when?) We know that planning a wedding can be a stressful process, and couples do not put nearly as much effort into finding an experienced honeymoon travel planner to help them with their honeymoon plans. Many couples randomly choose a honeymoon package that sounds or looks good, or they take their friends advice who may not share their taste or personal travel style. This common way of planning a honeymoon will often lead to disappointment- There are too many honeymoon destinations to choose from, and for most couples this is their first major trip together, and they want it to be perfect.
Honeymoon nightmares CAN be avoided, take the advice of Renee Duane Meyer, owner founder of Unforgettable Honeymoons, who has planned thousands of honeymoon packages the last two decades. "A honeymoon is an investment in a lifetime of memories" - and to protect that investment you will need to do a little homework first.

Our top Honeymoon Planning tips and Honeymoon Package advice below

Honeymoon planning tip #1-

Find An Expert Honeymoon Planner who is well traveled, and experienced.

You hire an accountant to do your taxes- Why would it be any different for the most important trip of your life? The honeymoon should be the same, a once in a lifetime trip, and you want to trust the experts for this one.
1. CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL AGENCY THAT SPECIALIZES: Choose a professional travel agency that specializes in honeymoons, or romantic travel ,and has been in the business at least 7 years or more, has a retail physical street location in addition to a strong internet presence with verified reviews on major review sites (that are not just recent reviews, but a history of good reviews)

2. MAKE SURE THEY ARE BBB RATED - important, the travel agency should be rated an A or better by the Better Business Bureau (they will have a link on their web site directly to the BBB) do not deal with an agency not rated by the BBB, and without the seal on their web site they are not rated.

3. MEMBER OF IATAN Any reputable, established travel agency is a member of Iatan ( www.iatan.org) the only true licensing for travel agents in the USA-this organization requires agents to carry 1 million dollars in errors insurance. You can go to iatan.org to do a search for the agency, it takes 2 minutes.

4. PERSONAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE TO THE TOP HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS -double check to see that the agent you are working (or someone in their agency) has personally traveled to the honeymoon locations they are promoting ask to see their photos. If they have really been there then they would have their own photos and stories to share with you. you will get a far better service from an agent who has been there, who can best prepare you for what to expect, and what to do when you arrive on your honeymoon.

5. AVAILABLE AFTER HOURS AND WEEKENDS. Make sure the honeymoon travel agency has a 24/7 after hours number and email to use after hours. A truly great agency is there for their clients on weekends and evenings and will help you when you need it. Many couples are worried about things going wrong on their honeymoon, and if you travel, you take risks, and unexpected snags can occur, a good agent can handle and figure out any situation.

Honeymoon planning tip #2-

Set a honeymoon package budget- and prepare to be flexible.
Before you can plan for where to go, you need to plan for what you can afford to spend. Many couples opt for an all inclusive resort which includes all your expenses ( meals/ drinks/ tips/ watersports) With this option, an all inclusive honeymoon, your honeymoon budget can be very specific, and you will know upfront what you are going to spend on the entire honeymoon package.

our suggestion for your honeymoon package budget: Have a low/ medium and high budget. ( for example, we ideally can spend $3000 total for the entire honeymoon, but have the flexibility to go up to $4k if it is something that is beyond what we expect and a great value) also, consider staying on your honeymoon for a shorter period of time if it means getting what you really want.

Honeymoon planning tip #3-

Together, create your dream honeymoon package wish list and schedule a honeymoon planning night. Discuss where you have traveled before and what you liked and did not like about each location, then make a separate list of top honeymoon destinations that youve both always wanted to visit, and share them. After you have shared your honeymoon destination dream list, both bride and groom should make a list of 3 must haves. (separately) These are 3 things that you feel that you need to have on your honeymoon and do not want to settle for less. also, talk about your personal travel style- what type of vacation do you most enjoy, would it be a honeymoon where you do a lot of exploring on your own, or part of a scheduled package that has pre set excursions. Do you prefer to relax alone on a beach together and have private time, or enjoy meeting others and socializing?

Examples on your honeymoon dream wish list could be---

beachfront room - Jacuzzi tub on balcony - swim with dolphins - swim up pool bar- snorkeling off the beach -hiking to a waterfall- couples massage-
Discuss the must haves, do a little compromising, and always choose a place that you have not been before so you can experience the newness of a destination together. Bring all these information you gathered to your travel agent- any good, well traveled agent can take your information and present to you some good viable options.

Honeymoon planning tip #4-

Do your research on the options you have narrowed down- Once 2 or 3 options have been presented, do your own research. Check out reviews, look at real photos online, and carefully peruse through each web site of the resorts you are considering. Go with your gut feeling, its usually always right. Meyer mentions that many couples first idea is usually the place they go, they just need to come full circle and check out all other options to make sure there is nothing else out there that speaks to their heart like their first idea.

Honeymoon planning tip #5-

Making your final decision: Meyer suggests not to pull the trigger, until you feel absolutely confident and excited about your honeymoon package choice , and that in your heart you know this is the perfect place for your honeymoon. Any hesitation is an indication that it might not be the perfect choice, and not to ever feel pressured into making a decision prematurely

note: Often times a package can be put on hold with a small deposit while you are thinking about it, and then changed if need be to another location shortly thereafter.


#1- DO NOT always Rely on the advice of your friends

couples will rely on their friends to give them honeymoon location ideas and advice which can sometimes be very helpful and other times lead to disappointment because our friends do NOT always have the same taste we do, or the same expectations for luxury or service. Your friends may think the Doubletree hotel chain is luxury, while you feel Four Seasons is luxury, if you want to take your friends advice you'll need to know their base of comparison as well. A good well traveled agent has a very broad base of comparison compared to the general public.

#2- Don't SKIMP! Its your honeymoon, and its once in a lifetime

Once you find the right package do not skimp by booking with cheap online booking engine that only cares about your credit card number and will never speak to you!

Many couples search around for the cheapest deal for the honeymoon package they finally have decided on, perhaps a package that an agent helped them put together.

Its great to find a good deal, and we love to find a bargain- but remember, this is your honeymoon- and you probably did not buy your wedding dress in a bargain basement sale or hire a photographer from Sears or JC penny.

The honeymoon is just as important as all the other elements of your wedding and quality is key. What couples do not realize is that the cheapest option is usually provides the least amount of personal service before, during, and if needed after the travel is completed.

The service you receive before your honeymoon by an experienced honeymoon planner will have everything to do with your honeymoon experience-

it is the tips and invaluable advice, and information you get before hand that make a tremendous difference. Also, if anything does go wrong on your honeymoon, do you want to be calling some online booking site boiler room in India, or your travel agent back in the US who knows you and will be available to help you best? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you choose WHO is going to handle your once in a lifetime honeymoon travel arrangements.

thank you for your time, Renee Meyer

Owner/ Founder

Unforgettable Honeymoons

copyright 2015 Renee Meyer

Renee Meyer

Renee Meyer

President & Founder Email Me

Renee Meyer first started assisting couples plan their honeymoon in 1992 while she was working for a very successful nationwide singles organization. As a former professional figure skater, Renee had the opportunity to travel extensively gaining first hand knowledge of many worldwide destinations.

Renee's love of travel and romance was the inspiration behind Unforgettable Honeymoons. which she opened in 1994. Unforgettable Honeymoons has grown to become one of the nations leading honeymoon specific travel agencies and has been featured on Wheel of Fortune, Dr Phil show, Steve Harvey, CNNMoney, Newsweek, USA today, LATimes, Islands Honeymoon & Weddings magazine and many more. Her advice has been garnered by travel writers worldwide for articles in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Renee and her husband Concert Rock Violinist Aaron Meyer (AaronMeyer.com) travel the world together searching for the most romantic places for honeymoons and weddings. They were recently married at Qamea Resort and Spa in Fiji in full traditional Fijian style.

Renee has traveled to just about every location on the Unforgettable Honeymoons web site and still spends a lot of her time doing what she enjoys most, talking and connecting with her clients.

Lauri Volk

Lauri Volk

Senior Travel Expert - Hawaii + Worldwide locations

Lauri Volk has twenty-six years of experience in the travel industry and joined Unforgettable Honeymoons in 2006. She was married in Hawaii to her husband Dan, who is also involved in travel industry. She has been to all of the Hawaiian islands and planned her own wedding in Kauai. She has recently traveled to: Jamaica, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Australia, British Virgin Islands, St Thomas, Mexico, Fiji as well as most of Western Europe. Laurie has worked with large groups and assists many brides in planning group weddings. Lauri's hobby is baking cakes and she has even baked some fabulous wedding cakes!

Leah Macdonald

Leah Macdonald

Senior Honeymoon Travel Expert

Leah Macdonald joined the Unforgettable Honeymoons team in March of 2009. Leah has been passionately working in the travel industry for over 16 years. Aside from traveling to all 50 states, including Alaska, Leah has traveled to many destinations in the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Barbados, and the Southern Grenadines as well as exploring many areas of Mexico from coast to coast and throughout Central Mexico. She has also traveled all over the Hawaiian Islands – one of her favorite places! Leah is extremely knowledgeable about the top all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico as well as the top Luxury resorts in the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands. She is extremely dedicated to her clients, and will stop at nothing to ensure the perfect Honeymoon for her couples. Leah’s hobbies other than roaming the planet include writing, exploring the outdoors, dabbling in a variety of art mediums and spending time with her family and beloved dog Trey!

Kelley Wilde

Kelley Wilde

Honeymoon Consultant Asia, Australia and New Zealand Expert

Kelley has an incredible passion for travel that is rare to find. She recently returned from a year long trip with her husband, where she experienced some of the most exotic destinations for honeymoons. Kelley was previously in the wedding business, from Dallas Texas, and brings with her a fabulous knowledge and expertise for many locations including Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Burma, Tasmania, and other exotic locales. Kelley is a joy to speak to and will listen to your needs and help match you with the perfect honeymoon package.

Emma Bryant

Emma Bryant

Honeymoon Consultant - Europe, Hawaii, Mexico

Emma just returned from living abroad and finishing her degree in Greece, and exploring the beautiful Greek Islands, Italy, Spain, as well as Prague and many other European countries. Emma has a great enthusiasm for travel, and helping couples find the perfect honeymoon spot, as well as customizing dream European honeymoons.

Maryann Aguiari

Maryann Aguiari

Honeymoon Consultant - worldwide locations

Maryann stared in the travel industry over 20 years ago in Southern California. She recently moved to the northwest with her family, and is very excited to get back into the travel industry. Maryann has traveled extensively to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe ( living in Rome and France) as well as Africa, Mexico, and the middle east.

Jenna Alexander

Jenna Alexander

Honeymoon Consultant - Costa Rica, Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico, Latin America

Jenna caught the travel bug while traveling in Latin America for a full year. She is truly a world traveler, having honeymooned in the Fiji islands, and worked for Alaska Airlines where she had the opportunity to travel worldwide to Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica to name a few. Jenna loves working with couples one on one to help them create the perfect match for their personal travel style!

Jennifer Lodge

Jennifer Lodge

Honeymoon Consultant- worldwide destinations

Jennifer has been a honeymoon travel agent for over 10 years. She is one of the most well traveled (worldwide) agents at Unforgettable Honeymoons. She was the first agent that Renee Meyer hired to help plan honeymoons in 1995. Jennifer constantly travels to destinations that are important to her clients to keep in touch with new resorts and destinations. She specializes in: Aruba, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico (Cancun, Maya Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Ixtapa & Mazatlan), Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and Tahiti. And has also traveled to Fiji- all over Europe, India and Thailand. Jennifer also has many of her own images that she would be happy to share with her clients (Bora Bora, Tahiti, Aruba, Maya Rivieria... and many more)
Jennifer also can assist clients with wedding and group arrangements.
Jennifer Lodge of Jennifers Travel Service is an independent agent of Unforgettable Honeymoons

Bernice Meyer

Bernice Meyer

Official smile maker & Lap Warmer -rescued 2011

Unforgettable Honeymoons rescued Bernice from the Oregon Humane Society on July 3, 2011. Since then, Bernice has helped us around the office by putting smiles on our faces! It is a joy to have her as part of our staff and we encourage others to rescue little angels like Bernice from their local humane society. for more information go to www.oregonhumane.org

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