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Our web site is designed to give couples ideas and ball park rates for our honeymoon and romantic travel packages, we are not an online booking site therefore our rates listed on our web site are not set in stone for every date of travel.

Our rates are subject to change without notice, and we are constantly working to update our rates and specials as fast as we can. It is necessary to email us or call us for exact rates for your dates of travel, and we do not guarantee the rates on our web site are available for all dates of travel. Many of our packages are uniquely designed by our experts and not always available for short notice travel, or for travel more than 9 months outside of travel dates.

We are a retail full service internet based travel agency with a retail office located in Portland Oregon, and we can book couples who live or who are from the USA. We accept checks, and major credit cards issued in the USA only.

NOTE: airline tickets are an additional cost and not included in packages. We can only book flights originating in the USA. Resort fees in Hawaii, as well as parking , car or travel insurance, airline baggage fees, etc. are not included with packages.

Terms and conditions of our packages

VALID PASSPORT REQUIRED for all travel outside the USA, most destinations now require that your passport does not expire within 6 months. Visa required for many destinations as well, passengers must check on requirements with the country they are visiting. Passengers must double check passports before travel. Names on airline tickets must match passports.

ALL deposits, and final payments are 100% nonrefundable, we recommend all clients purchase travel insurance in case of cancellation. Trips can be re booked for new dates with a change fee depending on date of change. All prices on our contracts to our clients are final prices at time of booking. We will not match a price from another web site, travel agent, or travel company after deposit has been charged, no exceptions. We will however consider matching rates before booking your trip, we can match most online advertised rates.

The Final payment is due 45-60 days prior to departure depending on which package you choose.

Airfare is only guaranteed once the purchase has been completed and the tickets have been issued. All applicable taxes at the time of booking are included in the price of the package and listed in your contract. . Fees or other charges such as resort fees, surcharges, or taxes imposed by the airline after your vacation purchase (if any), are solely your responsibility. Some airport departure fees may not be included and must be paid directly to the airline.

Airline seats: Seats on flights are out of our control, and we cannot guarantee seat assignments at time of booking. If the airlines have seat assignments available to be booked, we will book them on your behalf, however it is up to the passenger to contact the airline directly to check on seats assignments. Airlines are making it increasingly difficult to assign seats for no fee, and do have opportunities to check in online before travel to purchase seat assignments often with extra leg room.

CHANGES IN PLAN + Cancellations
If you cancel your trip within 45 days of travel, your entire amount will be nonrefundable, however, in most cases we can move the dates of travel with a change fee but each case is different due to hotel and airline policies. Contact us immediately if you need to make any changes after you have made deposit. ( for dates of travel, destination, hotels, etc)

CHANGES/ REVISIONS: Contact us immediately if you need to make any changes after booking. Fees vary according to airline, hotel, date of change and destination.

Packages not paid in full 30 days before date of travel will be cancelled. We will make several attempts to try to reach you by phone, or email if you are late on your final payment, if you do not respond, and do not pay your final within 30 days your trip will be cancelled and all monies will be forfeited. (NOTE: Some of our private island packages in Fiji and the Caribbean are non refundable at 45 or 60 days of travel, separate terms and conditions apply for each hotel on your contract)

AIRLINE TICKETS ARE 100% NON-REFUNDABLE: Once issued, airline tickets are non-refundable, non-endorsable and non-transferable Tickets are issued within hours of receiving payment deposit and cannot be reversed after you have purchased them. If you need to change the dates of travel you will need to travel within one year of the date of purchase of the airline tickets.

Change fees apply for airline tickets:


airline tickets are valid : ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE , NOT TRAVEL

AIRLINES OFTEN CHANGE FLIGHT TIMES AND NUMBERS passengers must check in with airlines 24 hours before travel . We are NOT always notified by the airlines of schedule changes. You MUST call the airline yourself 24 hours prior to travel to confirm your flight time and number. Check in online if possible.

We take NO responsibility for missed flights due to flight time changes by the airline. If you miss your flight because you failed to check the times, and you miss a day of your trip, we cannot refund you nor can the hotel. It is completely up to the passenger to double check with the airline directly before take off. Do not rely on internet airline web sites to confirm times and flight numbers, in the past they have been incorrect at times. ALWAYS Call .

If you change your flight with the airline we are unable to touch the air record and make any additional changes

WE CANNOT CHANGE NAMES ON AIRLINE TICKETS. Change Fees vary according to airline, hotel, date of change and destination.

NAMES ON YOUR AIRLINE RESERVATIONS/ TICKETS: It is your responsibility to review this confirmation for accuracy. We cannot have tickets re-issued with corrected names after the air is paid for, therefore, if you provide us with incorrect names or dates you will need to re-purchase tickets. Your name on your Passport must match your name on your ticket. Tickets are valid only on the dates and times indicated unless an exchange is processed. Air tickets expire one year from original date of issue/date paid in full and ticketed.

Airline Information - To review the rules and restrictions of any airline, please visit the airlines Web site. It is important to confirm all flights with the airline prior to departure. For domestic flights,24 hours is recommended. For international flights, 72 hours is mandatory. Failure to confirm international flights or to use any portion of the reservation may result in automatic cancellation for all continuing and return flights. Please verify specific guidelines with your airline when confirming your flights as guidelines change by airline, airport, flight and security restrictions. Fees for checked baggage and other services may apply and vary by airline. For complete information, please visit the airlines Web site. Latecomers may lose their assigned seat or be denied boarding at their own expense. In all cases, unless additional time is required by the airline, it is important to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure for all domestic flights and two to three hours prior to departure for international flights. Choice of seat assignments may be limited at the time reservations are requested and at times not assignable until check-in. Seat assignments are capacity controlled at the sole discretion of the airline and are subject to change by the airline without notice.


Unused tickets must be cancelled by midnight on the date of departure to retain any value. Unused ticket value expires one year from original date of issue. Call us immediately to notify us that you had to cancel. If you are re booking for the next day or shortly thereafter: while on the phone canceling your seats, let the airline know you want to re book and hold a future flight with them directly. You will have to pay a change fee in most cases, and you will need to pay the difference in fare. This will greatly help facilitate the re booking of your trip. We can call the hotel to let them know you are canceling/ re booking. We cannot guarantee they will not charge a cancel fee, in most cases if you are just moving your trip ahead a day or two it is not a problem but we cannot guarantee. We cannot refund you missed nights due to cancellation . If you can stay an extra day to make up for a missed night let us know and we can ask if the hotel can accommodate arriving a day later, and leaving a day later.

When making an airline reservation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires the airline to request and collect your date of birth, your gender and your full name as it appears on the government issued photo identification you will use when traveling. If you do not provide this information in advance, you will be prohibited from checking in online to receive a boarding pass.

AIRLINE SCHEDULE CHANGES : If the airline has a schedule change causing a missed connection we are not responsible for purchasing accommodations for an overnight stay for you , and we cannot refund a missed night of your honeymoon, the hotel cannot refund as well. Hotels are often flexible and will often allow you to arrive a day early and stay a day later if they have room but this is not a guarantee. if you have to overnight somewhere due to a mechanical reason the airline must pay for your accommodation and meals.

IF it is an ACT OF GOD ( lightening, thunderstorm, hurricane, etc) then you will have to pay for your OWN hotel stay and no refund can be given for that hotel room. NOTE: IF YOUR FLIGHT IS DELAYED OR CANCELLED, or you miss your flight due to unforeseeable circumstances which causes you to MISS the first night of your stay: Unfortunately, this can happen, and it has happened. The airline will not refund you for your missed first night at your hotel. The hotel will not refund you either.

NOTE: If you have Frequent flier MILES PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THAT AT CHECK IN. Often sale International flights do not collect air miles and we are not responsible for air mileage collection. If the airline has a change in aircraft ( often they do) then ALL seat assignments are undone and you will need to re arrange your seats. We are NOT advised when this happens, and often it can happen the day of departure or day before.


IF YOU NEED TO LAST MINUTE CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT DUE TO AN EMERGENCY : If it is not during our business hours, please Immediately call the airline directly to cancel your seats otherwise you will be considered a no-show and the value of your tickets will be zero.

Do not leave a voice mail message at our office to cancel any trip. Call our after hours number (s) provided at time of booking.

BAGGAGE FEES- WE DO NOT INCLUDE BAGGAGE FEES WITH YOUR PACKAGE It is your responsibility to take care of the baggage fees direct with the airline.

BAGGAGE LOSS / DELAY : the airline is responsible for your baggage. If it is lost or delayed you must deal direct with the airline. We take no responsibility for loss luggage or delayed luggage. We can warn you however NOT to put valuables IN your luggage. Put all expensive jewelry, cameras, ect in your carry on. Always pack a swim suit and one change of clothing in your carry on just in case your luggage is delayed. Purchasing a swim suit once you arrive can be costly. Put ID inside your luggage as well as outside !!!

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS : All Travel Documents are now issued Electronically. You will receive your Travel Itinerary 2 -3 weeks prior to your departure. Airlines NO Longer have Paper Tickets, mostly it is E tickets only. You can check into your Hotel/Resort with your Identification, thats all you need. Transfer companies will be the same way, just check in with your names. Be sure to VERIFY your Itinerary the day you receive it. Call us immediately if something is incorrect or if you are confused. Your trip is booked and paid in full and if you leave your Itinerary at home or lose it the day of the trip will not prevent you from checking in or completing your trip. Remember all you need is your Identification and your names to check in..

HOTEL POINTS- you can earn hotel points for what you spend at the hotel, not for the nights stayed unless specified.

Rental Cars - All car rentals are subject to the rules and regulations of the car rental company. Car rental rates are based on 24-hour rental periods. Late returns and returns to alternate locations are subject to charges or penalties paid by the renter directly to the car rental company. Cars are available for rental to individuals 25 years or older (exceptions apply) holding a valid driver's license. A surcharge may be added for drivers less than 25 years of age. Rates exclude gas, optional insurance coverage, and some applicable taxes and surcharges. Any additional fees assessed at the time of booking, which cannot be prepaid, will be collected at the time of rental. The car rental company requires the imprint of a valid credit card in one of the driver's names or a cash deposit as security to cover incidentals. Auto insurance is the responsibility of the registered driver. Additional drivers must be 25 years of age and will be charged an additional rental fee.

Car-rental companies require that drivers possess a valid drivers license and major credit card or leave a cash deposit upon pick-up.

Travel Health Information - For the most current worldwide health information, consult your family physician or the official Web site for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/ or by phone at 1-800-232-4636. You'll find
information on recent outbreaks, required vaccinations, safe food and water tips, insect protection, illness and injury abroad, and

UNFORESEEABLE CIRCUMSTANCES: Traveling can be unpredictable and sometimes very stressful. Be Sure to verify your flight information, etc. Unforgettable Honeymoons has made arrangements with the wholesaler listed on your confirmation to provide you with the services you purchase. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the proper arrangements have been made for your vacation. However, we do not accept any liability for the actions or omissions of the independent suppliers, hotels/airlines/transfer companies over whom we have no direct control. If you have any dispute with such persons, however, we will give you such reasonable help as we can in resolving this. Please understand that we cannot control such factors as individual airlines and their policies/operations/mechanical breakdowns, or individual hotels, wholesale package companies, we cannot control the weather, government actions, war, terror, theft, your physical, medical or mental disabilities, your failure to obtain valid travel documents, your failure to follow travel instructions or your loss of tickets/vouchers.

There are no refunds after the fact. You cannot stay at a hotel for a week return home, and expect a refund if you were unhappy with your stay. You must contact us immediately to let us know if you are unhappy so we can either assist you in changing hotels if necessary or returning home early if need be. If you change hotels you may have to pay additional out of pocket expenses .

Hotel points often cannot be collected from hotel with our packages for your nightly stay- you can earn points for what you spend at the hotel.

Requests for accommodations to suit specific physical requirements, such as wheelchair accessible rooms, must be made at the time of booking and are subject to availability depending on where you travel to. Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot accept responsibility for the standards of the facilities requested, as they can vary between properties worldwide.

WE cannot guarantee an early check in or late check out Hotels can hold your luggage while you get something to eat or relax nearby. Often, a hotel can offer a courtesy room, or allow you to use to their spa if need be to use shower facilities, but this is not always the case.


Unforgettable Honeymoons is a travel agency, not the hotel, therefore we have no control over the exact location or types of views , or the bed size of the rooms or suites we book for our clients. We relay to our clients the room type, and we suggest our clients visit the hotels web site showing the full description of the room so that they are fully informed of the room type they are booking. We can ONLY guarantee that you will be placed in the exact room type that you booked, or perhaps higher if you happen to be upgraded ( which we always request for every client!)

Unforgettable Honeymoons cannot guarantee a certain floor/location/quality of view or bed size , however, we will always put in a request if you have a preference these are all at discretion of resort. A request is not a guarantee, we make no specific guarantees for certain locations/ specific views or bed sizes unless these are part of the resorts description of the room or suite on their web site.

We cannot guarantee a bed size, however some hotels only offer one type of bed size for certain rooms and suites if that is the case it will be listed on your contract . WE cannot control if there are 2 beds in your room. often hotels have 2 beds in one room.

We are not responsible for resort over booking or airline over booking individual resort/airline must provide rooms/seats or compensation. Resorts also reserve the right to change certain extra inclusions/to omit or substitute e. Ask to speak with the reservations manager if you have any issues with resort staff or anything directly related to resort operations.

Honeymoon amenities: We book all of our clients as honeymooners unless they are NOT specifically on their honeymoon. We cannot 100% guarantee that you will receive your honeymoon amenities immediately upon arrival or on the first day of travel. Certain resorts require that you show proof you are on your honeymoon, such as a marriage certificate or invitation. Resorts often have rules that you have to have been married within 30 days of arrival. It is the passengers responsibility to check on the requirements of the resort for the complimentary honeymoon amenity. Honeymoon amenities can be changed by the resort at any time, and it is a complimentary amenity that is offered by the hotel, not by Unforgettable Honeymoons. It is not a prepaid element of your package, unless specifically stated so on your agreement.

If you are on your honeymoon, and you do not receive a free amenity as per the resorts web site within 24 hours of arrival, you will need to contact Unforgettable Honeymoons by phone or email for assistance. Certain resorts require that you check in online in advance to receive your amenity, and it is the passengers responsibility to check in online before travel if this is required.

Our receipt of your credit card information by phone at time of booking confirms your acceptance of the above terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy. This goes into effect immediately after you have made deposit. Before your documents are issued, we require that you provide us with your signature as well authorizing charges.

PASSPORTS REQUIRED FOR ALL TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE USA for US Citizens. Visas are required for entry into some countries as well. MOST destinations require that your passport is valid for 6 months past the date of travel, it is the passengers responsibility to check on all requirements for the destinations that they choose to book.

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